I - 5% Re-testing programme of seed samples: Under the 5% Re-testing programme, CSTL is testing 5% samples received from notifies state seed testing laboratories across the country free of cost.

II - Court referred seed samples: Under this programme, CSTL is testing seed samples received from the Hon’ble court. The seed testing fee of Rs. 1000/- sample is required and may be paid through Bharat Kosh Portal with the following Steps: Click on Bharat Kosh Portal → Non Registered Users → Purpose - Ministry: Agriculture → Purpose - Other Receipts (MOR) (SECTT-2) → DDO-200839-Director After completion of above steps, Receipt of payment should be send to the Director, NSRTC through post.

III - ISTA (PT) Programme

IV - Grow Out Test

V - Market Survey